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Barefoot Beach Bar located on the beachfront, just off the central sidewalk.


This paradise is just sitting here waiting for you.


The facility has two extendend piers that provides berthage for 4 cruise ships.

Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico

Caribbean Ocean View Rental House with Private Pool

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Belize Beaches

The beaches are much better than some people believe. Belize is the best of both worlds, friendly and full of marine life. Now a prime destination for those eager to swap gray skies and chilly weather in the north for blue water and fresh seafood. If you've been to several Caribbean islands, but want something different, Belize might be your place.

And, you know what they speak English here! People seem truly grateful for every tourist, and you just can't overlook the brilliant, varied marine life that snorkelers and divers love. Belize mainland is 180 miles long and around 68 miles at the widest point. But if you've heard of Belize, it's probably because of its famous "cayes" or islands. More than 200 of them dot the coastline inside the world's second-largest coral reef.

Belize Casinos

Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the 115-room Princess Hotel & Casino is approximately 15 miles from Phillip SW Goldson International Airport. Hotel amenities include the private marina, casino, cinema, and entertainment center. Guests have a choice of two food and beverage outlets on the property, the Seaview Restaurant & Bar, which overlooks the Marina and the Caribbean Sea, and the Club Calypso Seafood Restaurant. Make sure to check out the daily happy hour.

Other hotel facilities include the fitness and massage center, gift shop, and hair salon. The Princess Marina allows guests to dive locally and explore nearby coral walls while swimming beside turtles and spotted eagle rays. The hotel's Las Vegas-style casino is open daily from 12pm-4am and features 400 gaming machines in addition to a variety of table games and a midnight buffet.

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